Top 7 Platforms to Sell Tickets Online

Platforms to Sell Tickets Online

Data rich platforms like Facebook and Google are the real game changers in the 21st century. These platforms have successfully gathered all data (preferences, trends etc.) that enable businesses to learn more about their potential customers and the market these businesses serve. Similarly, the event planning business is also included in this trend. All this data is acquired by businesses in order to play a part in enhancing customer experiences and leading to sales generation. Nowadays there are various platforms available if you’re looking for a way to sell tickets online. This article will discuss some of the platforms you could opt for.

  1. TicketSource

This platform comprises of a ticketing system that is free and easy to use. However, you need to pay some amount if you’re organizing paid events. Also, you can receive secure and quick payments for the tickets with multiple payment and delivery options available.

  1. Eventbrite

On this popular platform, you can create events quickly and easily. They charge you for paid events by deducting a small percentage from every ticket that is sold. The good part includes its integration with social media as well as its user-friendly interface. However, they’re considered to be expensive by some people.

  1. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is an all-rounder when it comes to planning and organizing events. It offers features like ticket selling, making a landing page, view reports, email attendees and more. It is well-known for its great customer service. However, some people have faced issues with its email integration function.

  1. Ticketbud

Similar to all the platforms mentioned above, this platform also allows you to sell your tickets online. You can calculate profits easily and it is cheaper than its competitors as well. Furthermore, they’re known for providing the best customer experience.

  1. Tonic Ticketing

This platform is particularly for ticket selling and is established by DesignByNight. It caters B2B businesses, and helps you enhance customer experience and provide new services.

  1. Universe

This platform is known to be well-designed and provides more options for branding as compared to its competition. However, people have faced issues in regards to the reports not being rich in information as they should be.

  1. Shopify

A well-known platform that serves 600,000 businesses. You can make your online store and sell tickets easily and quickly.

Therefore, the above mentioned platforms are the best in regards to selling tickets online. All of them offer great features as well.

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