Top 3 Platforms to Use to Build a Website and Sell Tickets Online


The ecommerce platforms today make it easy for you to set up your own storefront and design your own ecommerce site to sell tickets online! Here are the top 3 platforms you need to consider!


So, you’ve decided to sell tickets online and now you are looking for the easiest way to build a website and sell your concert, sporting events or theater tickets. The best way to do it is by using an ecommerce website builder.

There are so many websites builders out there and choosing one requires research and comparison. We’ve done the hard work for you and we’ve chosen the top 3 platforms you may use to build a website and start selling tickets online:

  1. Shopify: This platform is a great choice for all small businesses looking for an online shopping cart that is aesthetically pleasing and at the same time low-cost. Shopify is the perfect platform for selling tickets online. It offers a blogging option which is good for maintaining a powerful SEO presence. It doesn’t matter whether you have a coding experience or not, Shopify makes it super easy for you to set up, design, and run a successful online tickets store in less than 10 minutes. The cheapest Shopify plan you may use is $29/month.
  2. Magento: This is another very popular ecommerce website builder and the fastest growing platform out there. The platform comes with 12 different payment gateways, over 80 payment extensions, support for multiple currencies, and much more. Shopify is more convenient for beginners and small businesses while Magento requires for you to have at least basic tech or coding knowledge. If you aren’t tech savvy, you will have to hire your own team of web developers and designers to help you set up a website and start selling tickets online.
  3. WooCommerce: The third option is WooCommerce which is an open-source WordPress plugin that allows you to build a fully functional online store. One of the best things is that it is free to download and comes equipped with great features. It is fully customizable and there are premium extensions available that can easily expand the functionality of your store.

There you go, the 3 best ecommerce websites builders that can help you build your own online store to start selling tickets on the web. Pick one and start your business!