The Best Method for Online Ticket Sales

Online Ticket Sales

With the emergence of various online platforms, the concept of selling tickets online has also embraced change and become easier over the years. Back to the time when tickets were printed in paper and sold physically, to the present time when digital media has taken over every industry and every market, a lot has changed. Growth in ecommerce and the presence of things like fingerprint scanning, electronic money and QR codes have enabled us to buy tickets easily and securely. Although the ticket prices for sports and music events have been higher, the ticket selling for cinema is expected to be the most in the coming years.

This article discusses the three best platforms for selling tickets online.

  1. StubHub

This platform is one of the greatest places available to sell tickets. It allows its users to select the tickets via Apple TV. In order to purchase tickets, users need to use a tablet or smartphone. Users are provided with a detailed view of the seat maps through Apple TV.

How it works?

Users receive a notification/SMS when they find an event through the Apple TV (considering they have the app installed). They need to click on the link received, after which they will be directed towards the checkout page on the app.

  1. Gametime

Online ticket sales have observed a shift towards mobile, however, there’s a lot that can be improved in the online services that exist. Gametime focuses on providing a service that will stand out from competition. They emphasize on providing all the services such as: ticket booking, finding the event, purchasing, selecting a seat, all on the mobile app. Furthermore, Gametime allows you to sell your tickets at the last minute. So you don’t have to worry about last minute sales and finding a platform for it. With the mobile application you can also find events tickets nearby.

  1. TicketMaster

TicketMaster is a well-known provider of the best ticket selling services online. The mobile app for TicketMaster emphasizes on enhancing user-experience by offering them seats depending upon a balance between quality and price.

In order to sell a ticket, you need to put in a specific price. You are charged for every transaction. Furthermore, when the ticket is bought, the seller gets the payment online and the service is digitally delivered to the buyer. You can also compare the tickets by other sellers and other seats available.